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Zombie Mutation™ is designed and developed by the Pixel Productions Inc. Team; responsible for different design and development roles in hundreds of board games including: Blockers, Reverse Charades, Pastiche, Roll Through The Ages, Masters Gallery and many more.

New Concept Art!

As promised yesterday – today’s post contains NEW ART! We’ve been working with some great illustrators and 3D artists on this game, and the original zombies from our first Kickstarter campaign were pretty badass. But maybe they weren’t mutant enough – the name of the game is Zombie MUTATION after all.

We went back to the […]

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New Art in the Works and a Couple Questions for our Fans

Hey Zombie Fans! We’ve been working on a few things behind the scenes here at Zombie Mutation™.  We can’t wait to share some of our ideas and development with you!

Being zombie game fans, you may have noticed the latest Zombicide release has launched on Kickstarter. CoolMiniOrNot is ON FIRE and with two weeks left in […]

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City Over-run With Zombies! Run, Hide Or More Importantly Back This Game: Zombie Mutation™

Pixel Productions Inc., a design company for Eagle/Gryphon Games, is launching their own Zombie Themed board game on Kickstarter April 21, 2015. Chris London of Zombie Mutation™ says, “It combines action, killer graphics, a little dash of evil and of course lots of zombies for a game that is wickedly fun.”

It’s safe to say the […]

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Playing The Grenade Card

The Grenade Card:
You can find and collect various weapons throughout the game to help you fight your way to the heli pad.

One of the most powerful weapons you can find is the grenade. Just be careful, not to drop it.

Jake moves adjacent to the Supply Token in hopes of something helpful when […]

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How The Zombie Horde Card Can Ruin Your Day

The Zombie Horde
One of the most terrifying Cards you can draw is the Zombie Horde Card. Let’s take a look at how this card can ruin your day.

Jake moves adjacent to an Action Token hoping for a much needed Supply or Survivor Card. Unfortunately it’s a Zombie Card! I’m sure Jake was hoping for a […]

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Zombie Mutation™ ~ Using The Blocking Tiles

Zombie Mutation™ Board Game ~ Using Blocking Tiles
Blocking Tiles are a fun and strategic component in the game.

After a player moves and draws an Action Card, they also draw an Action Tile. If the Action Tile has a red X on it, the player collects one Blocking Tile.

Players can carry up to 3 Blocking Tiles […]

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Even the Pentagon Has A Zombie Attack Plan

In Case it’s NOT just a game
“Citizens of the United States, breathe easy: The Pentagon has a plan in case of a zombie attack.”

It’s real! Check out this article by Stephanie Pappas on LiveScience, to find out how the Pentagon has prepared for the Eight Types of Zombies…

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Get In the Game!

Become a Hero in Zombie Mutation™!

During the pre launch and kickstarter of Zombie Mutation™, you can sign up below and refer your friends for a chance to get in the game… Literally! Each friend you refer through your referral link is an additional chance to win!


Why would I sign up?

So you can stay up […]

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Zombie Mutation teaser video

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Another Zombie Game, Really?

Do zombies ever go out of style? I don’t think so.

There are certain genres that simply stand the test of time like vampires, werewolves and of course zombies. Our team never tires of The Walking Dead, World War Z, ZombieLand, Warm Bodies and the like.

If a new zombie movie came out next week, I’d be […]

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