The Grenade Card:

You can find and collect various weapons throughout the game to help you fight your way to the heli pad.

One of the most powerful weapons you can find is the grenade. Just be careful, not to drop it.

Jake moves adjacent to the Supply Token in hopes of something helpful when facing the large group of level 2 zombies.

Perfect! Jake draws a Grenade Card from the Supply Card deck

He can hold on to this card for later use, or use it immediately since this sequence is MOVE and ATTACK

To throw the grenade, the Player rolls one die. The player can place the grenade in any square up to the number rolled. So if you roll a one, be prepared to take a massive hit. That square becomes the center point of the explosion causing 5 damage to it and all adjacent squares.

Jake rolled a 4 and can place the grenade up to 4 squares away. Selecting the square at the center of the horde would do the most damage and in this scenario take out 6 zombies.

The grenade card is now discarded since it’s only good for one use.