The Zombie Horde

One of the most terrifying Cards you can draw is the Zombie Horde Card. Let’s take a look at how this card can ruin your day.

Jake moves adjacent to an Action Token hoping for a much needed Supply or Survivor Card. Unfortunately it’s a Zombie Card! I’m sure Jake was hoping for a couple of Level 1’s, but instead drew a Level 3 Zombie Horde!

Roll 2 dice to determine the number of Level 3 Zombies in the Horde. The player who drew the card then places the horde up to 6 squares away.

Jake rolled a 9, so this is going to be a pretty tough battle. Let’s get the horde set up.

Don’t forget; since we activated the Action Token, we’ll cover it with an Action Tile to show that it has been used.

Unfortunately, Jake has no ranged weapons for attack, so it’s now the Zombie Hordes’ turn to move.

Move all Zombies one space and prepare to engage.