Hey Zombie Fans! We’ve been working on a few things behind the scenes here at Zombie Mutation™.  We can’t wait to share some of our ideas and development with you!

photo-originalBeing zombie game fans, you may have noticed the latest Zombicide release has launched on Kickstarter. CoolMiniOrNot is ON FIRE and with two weeks left in their campaign, they’ve already broken 2 million (MILLION!) with Black Plague. Man, what we wouldn’t give to have that kind of support!

We know going head-to-head with Zombicide on Kickstarter would destroy our relaunch – we are basically the David to their Goliath. We do, however, have something really unique with our game so; we are looking for creative ways to gain more followers.

Get ready for our behind the scenes updates on our site and social media pages. Tomorrow, we have some new artwork to share with you wonderful people. I don’t want to give too much away yet, but I will say it’s mutation related. So stay tuned for that and don’t forget to share to help us spread the word!

We also mentioned before the Kickstarter campaign ended that we were going to ask for feedback.

zm-minis-first-roundOur first questions for you are mini related: (Post Your Answers in the Comments Section)

1. Do miniatures play a role in your buying decision?

In other words:
Are you more likely to buy a game with cool miniatures?
Are you less likely to buy a game with unimpressive miniatures?

2. Are Zombie Mutation Miniatures:

a. So Awesome!
b. Pretty Cool
c. Alright
d. So Basic
e. Totally Lame

Thanks again for your support and feedback! Feel free to post your answers below, send us a message, or start a discussion on our Facebook Page. See ya tomorrow!