Where people like you were “lucky” enough to find shelter and survive the initial onslaught. If you found shelter, surely there must be others.

The city is in ruin and mayhem rules the streets. Nothing is certain except for the fact that your safety is temporary. You have no food and few friends.

You’ve got to do something! You have got to get out!

From the building that’s kept you alive thus far, you watch as humanity mutates right before your eyes. In the chaos you can see helicopter evacuation taking place for the remaining living. It would seem, your best bet is to find your way to one of those helicopters.

Unfortunately, you will have to fight your way through a multi-level 3-D game board to get there. You will need to find whatever you can to help keep you alive through this ‘City of Mayhem’ over-run with Zombie Mutation™.

Hopefully, you can find weapons, supplies, or even other survivors to help you.

Be Careful! Even survivors aren’t always what they seem…

It’s up to you whether you help rescue survivors or throw them to the horde for your own escape. Some may think that’s ruthless, but in this game if you die, you become one of them! You’ll mutate and turn on the very people trying to help you escape.

Your only goal is to remain alive and get yourself and any survivors on that helicopter. Good Luck… You’ll need it!

ZOMBIE MUTATION™ City of Mayhem ~ A Killer 3D Board Game

zombie mutation game board set up
In Zombie Mutation™, each player will take the role of one of the six heroes, all fighting to escape the cities growing Zombie hordes. During the game, players will fight their way through a multi-level game board search for supplies that can help them survive, rescue other survivors and of course kill zombies.

Zombie Mutation™, combines random game elements that we feel make for very enjoyable game play.

Zombie Mutation™ sets the stage with a great background story and unique character personas. Each characters brings a unique attribute along with them during game play.

The game play itself is very intuitive, quick paced, and easy to learn.

Ultimately, there can be only one winner, however to make it through the various levels of mutating zombies alive; you will find that this game definitely promotes team strategy. The player to make it to the helicopter pad with the most survivors & a successful rescue roll wins the game.

You’ll have to watch out for survivors as they may just turn on you. And don’t worry you’re game doesn’t end (at least immediately) when you die. In this game your character can mutate into a Hero Zombie wreaking havoc on your former ‘friends’.


  • 1 Game Board
  • 3 Buildings
  • 30 Action Cards
  • 42 Supply Cards
  • 30 Survivor Cards
  • 24 Zombie Cards
  • 12 Sliders
  • 6 Molded Hero Figures
  • 6 Zombie Hero Figures
  • 36 Molded Level 1 Zombies
  • 30 Molded Level 2 Zombies
  • 30 Molded Level 3 Zombies
  • 6 Hero Special Ability Cards
  • 6 Hero/Hero Zombie Player Cards
  • 6 Zombie Player Tiles
  • 54 Action Tiles
  • 9 Movement Trays
In Zombie Mutation™, each player will take the role of one of the six heroes, all fighting to escape the growing Zombie hordes. During the game, players will fight their way through a multi-level 3D game board searching for items that can help them survive, rescuing other survivors and of course killing zombies.


Ultimately there can be only one winner or one winning team; however to make it through the various levels of mutating zombies alive; you will find that this game definitely promotes team strategy. This game can be played individually as a “free-for-all” or as “opposing teams”. (Best when played with 4 players in teams of two).

The main goal of the game is to make it successfully from the top of one of the starting buildings, down through the city streets and to the helicopter rescue on the top of the hospital building with as many survivors as possible. To achieve this, players will need to seek out supplies and survivors indicated by ‘action, supply or survivor tiles’ on this grid based game board. When a player becomes adjacent to any of these game tiles, all movement stops and the game tile is activated. The player must then draw from the corresponding deck of cards being; zombie, action, or survivor. The thing about ‘action cards’ is that you never know what you’re going to get; you could wind up drawing anything ranging from much needed health or a weapon to a survivor, zombie horde or even triggering a mutation.

At the beginning of a players’ turn the player must determine what action they will take. A player gets two actions per turn; which are as follows:

Move and Attack     >     Attack and Attack     >     Breakaway and Move

Players will roll one die to determine the number of squares the Hero can move, and two dice for an attack. If a player chooses to breakaway and flee from combat, the player will roll one die with a minus 1 to their movement.

There are many obstacles each player will face during the course of the game. The dice rolling in conjunction with the card drawing aspect of this game creates a very random influence on how the game can and will be played out. Some examples of this might be drawing a key, a rope, a mutation card or even the number of zombies encountered. Depending on where you happen to draw one of these cards it could change your entire strategy by creating opportunity or pressuring you to react and move quickly.

mutation-cardsJust like the name of the game implies, zombies can randomly mutate during game play. Drawing a Mutation Card causes all zombies on a specific level to change by increasing their strength or ability.

Zombies move or attack after each player turn. Heroes and Hero Zombies use a slider to track Health Points located on each player card during game play. A single successful roll kills regular zombies.

zombieheroA little about Hero Zombies:

If a player’s Hero depletes their Health Points and is unable to heal at the start of the next turn, that Hero becomes a Zombie Hero. It is the objective of a Zombie Hero to prevent all remaining Heros from reaching their objective. Zombie Heroes have the ability to merge with other zombies and survivors on the game board to create a horde controlled by the Zombie Hero. When Mutation Cards are drawn, Zombie Heroes will reap great benefit.

Players can also choose to begin the game as a Zombie Hero playing against the Hero players. The goal for a Zombie Hero is to eliminate all Heroes before they can reach their extraction point.

The Characters:

Lexi Steel

The Gangster

Lexi Steel

steelLexi, part of a notorious local street gang with ties to the Mexican cartel, earned a rep quickly with her ruthless and bloody tactics to help secure more territory. Losing her little brother in a recent retaliation gave her cause to rethink her current lifestyle. She turned to Jackson Strong, probably the only person she ever trusted growing up, for help ‘disappear’ for good. However, getting out of the city might not be in the cards for Lexi.

Jackson Strong

The Cop

Jackson Strong

jacksonJackson Strong is a family man and respected member of the community; which is not easy task in a neighborhood that doesn’t generally respect the law. Growing up in a rough inner city neighborhood provided him with more than just street smarts and the ability to handle himself, it provided him with the ability to find solutions and encourage others. People respect Jackson, not simply because of his large physique, but his ability to provide wisdom in a city full of bad decisions.

LeeAnne Lovelace

The ER Nurse

LeeAnne Lovelace

leeanne3dLeeAnne had never been a violent person, truth be told, she wasn’t even sure if she knew how to use the mace she kept in her purse correctly. Working as a ER nurse, one thing she did know very well was how to keep her cool when other people’s lives depended on her to. LeeAnne’s greatest asset is her ability to keep a straight head, plan and react under pressure. She may not be as physically intimidating as someone like Luciano, but you can bet your ass she can help keep YOU alive!

Jake Breaker

Special Forces

Jake Breaker

jake3dJake just returned home from his most recent 6 month stint in Afghanistan. Zombie hordes weren’t exactly the down time he was looking for, but what are you gonna’ do?

Jake’s steele blue eyes reflect his ability to remain cool when faced with hard circumstances as well as his ice-cold methods of dealing with those who make circumstances ‘difficult’. Jake’s a natural born leader, highly trained in both killing and staying alive.

August Raine

The Microbiologist

August Raine

august3dAugust is the product of two hippy burnouts and absolutely nothing like her parents. In fact, she has never been comfortable around people and has always preferred studying in solitude to any kind of social distraction. Consequently, she graduated from with a Doctorate in Microbiology along with three supporting degrees. Over the past 10 years her preferred method of relaxation is training with a professional Tai Fighter that lives on her street. She now works as the head of a small research team at the Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

Lorenzo Luciano

The Mobster

Lorenzo Luciano

lorenzo3dA.K.A – “Lui the Slugger” not because he hails from the great state of Kentucky, or his love of baseball, but more for his method of sending a message. Most messages Luciano delivers result in a trip to the ER at a minimum; so when things turned bad killing wasn’t a real adjustment for him. Luciano may not be a real “team player” so-to-speak, but he’s lethal even when all he has is a stick of gum and a piece of dental floss.

Zombie Level 1

Zombie ~ Mutation Level 1

Zombie Level 1

level1zombieYour standard zombie. You know your zombie fan fiction…
Level 1’s aren’t particularly quick or tough, but if you get careless or greedy you may find yourself outnumbered and without a prayer.

Level 2 Zombie

Zombie ~ Mutation Level 2

Level 2 Zombie

Level 2 ZombieThat’s right, this virus mutates. Zombies in this game get tougher. Not only does each mutation level get a little harder to kill, watch out for the additonal mutation cards that affect all zombies on your game level.

Level 3 Zombie

Zombie ~ Mutation Level 3

Level 3 Zombie

level3zombieOh crap! As you find yourself in a weakened state from fighting the mutating hordes beginning to wonder how you’re going to make it out alive; you come face to hidious face with a Level 3 zombie freak. It won’t always take a horde to kill you and fighting a Level 3 may not be an option for you.