As promised yesterday – today’s post contains NEW ART! We’ve been working with some great illustrators and 3D artists on this game, and the original zombies from our first Kickstarter campaign were pretty badass. But maybe they weren’t mutant enough – the name of the game is Zombie MUTATION after all.

We went back to the drawing board, so-to-speak, and developed some new concepts relating to the 3 Zombie Levels and their respective mutated looks. The original 3 figures were typical zombies… dead yellow eyes, rotting flesh, mouths agape, bloodied walking corpses. Not bad, but they weren’t pushing the mutation theme that makes our game stand out! In case you need to see them again, here’s what they looked like:

The three mutated levels of zombie figures from the original Kickstarter campaign


Returning to the core concept of the game, we’ve come up with 3 new sketches for more dynamic figures and better-defined mutation levels:

Concept art for the revised three mutated levels of zombie figures.

The new conceptual art shows how the Level 1 Zombie starts his afterlife as a fairly standard, brain-eating undead. From there however, levels 2 and 3 mutate physically into more grotesque, and more powerful creatures. This exciting change has opened up new possibilities for really unique miniatures.

We think these changes will make the game more awesome, but we want to know your thoughts on the new zombie concepts! We always love hearing your opinions and hope you enjoy seeing some of our behind-the-scenes development. Leave your comments below, send us a message, or start a discussion on our Facebook Page.