jake3dMaking Jake More Playable

We had created the original Jake Breaker based on the idea of an Airborne Ranger circa Vietnam era. When we had originally concepted the idea of Jake Breaker, we were envisioning a slightly older, but still bad ass character. Picture Chuck Norris meets Robert DeNiro. At least that’s what I was picturing.

Like many things the ‘idea’ of something can seem really cool until you test it in the field so-to-speak. During game play development we received overwhelming feedback that our characters were too old. In our attempt to create a ‘realistic’ assortment of characters we discovered that people didn’t want to play the ‘older’ characters as much.

We had to do some quick thinking so that we could make good revisions to our core characters and still hit our ‘Early Spring’ deadline for launching our Kickstarter campaign. Paul Quinn, had the brilliant idea of swapping our survivor character with Jake Breaker. This was brilliant! This move allowed us to save time creating a whole new persona and then illustrating the character. Instead, all we had to do was update the Jake Breaker persona to reflect a younger brand of special forces.


You can see the full progression of the Jake Breaker character illustrated below:

jake breaker the progression